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Meet our CEO & Founder and learn about BLKMPWR

Dr. Khalid White

It is my core belief that sharing our history and culture will change the world. I have dedicated my professional career to the field of African American studies. My passion for teaching, learning and telling our stories drives me.

I completed my undergrad studies in Sociology at Morehouse College. During my time there, I realized how crucial education is to changing lives, changing narratives and to uplifting communities. 

While continuing my education journey at Harvard Univ. & UC Davis, I took pride in studying Education and African American studies. 

Being an educator continues to be a privilege and I love it. BLKMPWR builds on that love and is dedicated to changing the narrative about the Black community.

With BLKMPWR, I’m educating outside of the traditional classroom space. Using books, film, fashion, music and technology to educate, inspire and empower.  

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CEO of BLKMPWR, Author & Film Maker

Reading a Book



Blkmpwr was created in 2015 due to the desire to empower the Culture. Through providing balanced, nuanced and positive images, we empower, inspire and educate the community.


Blkmpwr creates all original media content and merchandise to empower, inspire and to educate.  


Blkmpwr is a family owned and operated business. We realized that we are powerful when we put our minds and efforts together.

We also use a family business model to create financial literacy and to pass down generational wealth.


My personal goal was always to create books and film. But in order to get to that point, I started creating and selling Blkmpwr merchandise to generate revenue. Making and selling t-shirts provided an entrance into business. And we continue to have pretty good success with our merchandise. After successfully growing the Blkmpwr t-shirt line, we expanded into writing, publishing and producing independent books and documentary film. From the merchandise, books and films, doors continue to open up and the business has continued to grow with the community's support.  

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