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Centering the invaluable experience and expertise that Black scholar-practitioners possess in advancing equity, inclusion, belonging, and transformative, systemic change. Providing suggestions, steps, and solutions to move your institution from
anti-Black towards anti-racist.

These are the Black Voices From the Ivory Tower.

This book is a great resource in supporting:

  • Student success
  • Anti-racism work
  • Ethnic Studies
  • Critical Race Theory
  • Educators, Classified Professionals, Administrators
  • Allies, accomplices, contributors
  • Addressing workplace issues and challenges
  • Professional development
  • Diversity, equity, inclusion goals
  • Closing equity gaps
  • Cultural affinity groups
  • Solutions-oriented leadership
  • Human Resources employees
  • Equal Employment Opportunities employees
  • Employee on-boarding
  • Leaders in development
  • Disrupting the system
  • And much more!

Black Voices from the Ivory Tower

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